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Good Things Are In Store For Me

I have had a migraine for most of today. Growing up, I had one pretty much every day. In my twenties, the severity increased, although the frequency decreased to maybe once a week. Now that I am in my thirties, the frequency has decrease to maybe every 3 weeks – but the severity fluctuates between bed ridden and not bad. Today, it wasn't all that severe, but it really screwed with my mood and ability to function. I made some careless mistakes and was generally depressed.

On my way home, I picked up some takeout from the local Japanese restaurant. I am not sure why they give out fortune cookies, but I guess to many residents in my county the Asian population is all the same and they expect to get a fortune cookie. My fortune – "Remember three months from this date. Good things are in store for you." Deep down I realize this is just some random pre-printed paper shoved in a folded over piece of fried sugar, but looking at today's date I can't help but wonder what is in store for me. You see, three months from today is my birthday.

Yeah, I know. It's just a coincidence. Oh well, back to my project -> which is launching this weekend! I'll talk more about that once we go live.

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