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The Audacity of Hope

One of the first books that I read on my awesome Kindle
was The Audacity of Hope
by Barack Obama. First, a little about my Kindle. You see – I wasn't going to buy one. I could not justify spending $350 on a device to put books. It's kind of like when the iPod first came out. I was content with whatever I had. Once they came down in price, I finally got one. But then my awesome sister decided to upgrade her Kindle when the Kindle 2 came out. And voila – she GAVE it to me. Free. As in beer. How awesome is that?

So I had the audacity to read Obama's book. It was an interesting read and gave me some insights into the man who is our 44th President whether you voted for him or not. While I can't say I recommend rushing out to read it, it did provide some good insight to him and his way of thinking. My take away is this – He listens. His mind is already made up, but he listens. He's kind of like Bill Clinton in that regard, only I think I trusted Clinton a little more.  Oh well, only time will tell. In all, this book was basicly an outline of his liberal way of thinking – you can see it in action now, so there's not really much reason to read it. I give it 3 out of 5 stars.

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