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An Eventful Week

This week we launched McKNet Connections, bringing work networking (social networking for work purposes) to McKesson. Adoption has taken the viral approach that we anticipated and will likely require some ongoing communications to keep the effort going. So far so good – one day I will blog more about this, the underlying technology, and some of the lessons we leared about bringing this into the enterprise.

I was able to train 3 days in a row this week – with today being a two-a-day. I think this is a sign of good things to come. My body responded well, and today involved a 20+ mile ride and a 5+ mile run. My HR was up on the run, but it was in my neighborhood which is all hills. My plan is to continue building my base and do the Macon HIM distance.

The big news of the week (as if the product launch wasn't big enough) is that I have been summoned to the manager's meeting in New Orleans to accept an award. Not sure what award I won, but it is definitely an honor and I cannot wait to go! I will post some pics from the big easy and let you know what award I won once I find out.

Storms are coming through Georgia tonight. Looks like one round is approaching the house and another round will roll in around midnight. Hopefully I will be able to get some sleep. The training plan calls for an early swim tomorrow.

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