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Safely in New Orleans

View of Downtown New Orleans

Originally uploaded by Mike’s Adventures

The CIT Awards Banquet is just a few hours away. It has been an exciting day of travel, but as you can see by the picture I made it here safely. Here’s a quick chronology I captured thanks to Twitter:

10:00 AM – Not happy with delta airlines at the moment. Confirmed a seat last week when I booked but now holding a boarding pass labeled “seat request”. #fail

11:30 AM – Ok. Got a seat. All is well.

12:00 PM – On the plane with a bunch of guys going to try out for the Saints

1:00 PM CDT – In nola. Smooth flight.

1:05 PM – – I am jazzed to be here, too!

1:20 PM – Delta failed to load my bag and about a dozen others. This is an interesting challenge since my suit is in there. Awards banquet in 4 hours.

So obviously at this point I am stressing out. FInally the guy at Delta luggage service gives me an update:

1:40 PM – Total of 30 bags did not make Delta flight 1539.

2:45 PM – Bag arrived. Moving on…

So I am at my hotel. My suit and razor are with me as well. We meet for the awards banquet in a little less than an hour and a half. I am really looking forward to this and a lot less stressed now that all my crap is with me.

My first impressions of New Orleans are almost exactly as they were the last time I was here (which for those of you keeping score at home I had said would be THE LAST time I was here). I see no difference between the NOLA of now and the NOLA of them. Granted, I have travelled from the airport to my hotel, but Poydras, St Charles, and Canal St. all seem much like they were 13 years ago.

And most importantly, the concierge says Mother’s is still on the corner of Tchoupitoulas and Poydras. That’s right – tomorrow is Mother’s day.

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