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Testing Some Automation

One of the powerful features of Delicious social bookmarking is the ability to follow the updates of other members. I am not sure where this concept fails, but my guess is that it requires effort on the follower’s part. At McKesson, our work networking solution includes bookmarking similar to Delicious, and a watchlist. The watchlist allows you to watch a person or a particular tag.

My hunch is that the watchlist is simply not in your face. We have an Updates page that shows all of the happenings in your communities, as well as any new items that have appeared on your Bookmark Watchlist. The power of bookmarking is generally not yet realized by the masses, so that is an additional strike against rapid creation of watchlists.

One of my goals for this site was to be able to experiment with code, social networking, and any other random stuff. Beginning today, I am going to automate the posting of my Delicious bookmarks to this site. You should see the title along with my notes (often just a copy/paste from a few key sentences on the site) and my tags. This is an experiment and may cease at any time.

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