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1 Week Out from Ironman Wisconsin

I am one week out from Ironman Wisconsin. I’ve had a lot of thoughts during taper and thought I would finally put pen to paper, so here we go:

1) The 2nd Ironman seems to be more difficult mentally than the first. I am better trained for this one, and a little lighter. But I know what 140.6 means now from a physical and mental aspect and I am more scared of this one than the last. Wisconsin looks like it will be an easier course, but you have to respect the distance regardless.

2) Having an event planned on the other side is highly important. You should have laid out your next event before starting the current one. Otherwise, the day after will seem kind of like a let down and you may become one of these “one and done” people.

3) I have done marathons 3-4 weeks apart safely, and done better in the 2nd one than the first. Sounds wierd, but true. This year, I have signed up for another iron distance triathlon 6 weeks after IM Wisconsin. I am constantly testing myself physically and mentally and this seemed to be logical. It’s in Florida, so logistically it should be less challenging. I can’t wait to see how I do.

4) It’s important to plan your taper – not just in terms of how much and at what intensity you will train, but what you will do when you’re NOT training. Otherwise the people around you will not like you. The stress outlet of exercise is diminished during this time. You will need something to occupy your hands and your time. For me, I’ve been reading more and tooling around with technology. For example, today I changed the design of this website. FUN!

5) Continue logging your food and exercise just like you do during normal training. This is not the time to gain weight, and it’s really not the time to lose it. A little gain is probably normal as your body finishes adaptation – you just want that to be muscle and not fat.

6) Rest.

That’s about it for now. In exactly one week I should be either in transition or very early on the bike.

Athlete #768 (aka Mike)

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