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You Can’t Control the Weather

Sunrise Over Lake Lanier
Originally uploaded by Mike’s Adventures

We’re 5 days away from Ironman Wisconsin and the weather is not looking all that favorable. The photo I attached here was taken this past Saturday, September 5th 2009, at Mary Alice Park in Cumming, GA. This was my last open water swim practice at home and the weather was fantastic. On the other hand, the weather in Madiscon, Wisconsin is always variable in September – one year it was 95, another it was 55 and raining. This year it is leaning toward 55 and raining.

Of course the weatherman is not always right. Last year, I was eating dinner on the eve of Ironman Lake Placid and the forecast called for a 10% chance of rain. It ended up raining 14 straight hours and dumped 3-5 inches in that time. It’s raining in every picture that was taken of me.

I can’t control the weather, but I can pack for it. I will have hot weather gear, chilly weather gear, and rain gear. I’ll put dry socks in ziplock bags inside my special needs and transition bags. I will have electrical tape to secure my transition bags so that the contents remain dry.

The training is done. The stressing out over whether I trained enough and weather I have packed my gear properly has begun. Things are right on schedule.


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