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Random Thoughts While Driving

When you have a 14 hour drive, all sorts of random and sometimes deep thoughts cross your mind.

Wind farms don’t seem to be ugly. I’ve always heard that the aesthetic aspects are what makes them undesirable. I seem to recall an effort to put them on Martha’s Vineyard some years ago and the Kennedy family saying that they are great as long as they can’t see them. So much for being a friend of the green environment. There were several such installations in Northern Illinois and they broke up the corn nicely. I tried to get a picture, but every time I snapped one with my iPhone a mound of corn stalks rose up and blocked the view.

Speaking of corn – Holy Corn, Batman! What on earth do we do with all this corn? For HOURS it was just corn fields as far as the eye could see. I thought we were paying farmers NOT to plant this stuff. I have heard of government cheese (aka gument cheese), I wonder if there is government corn? I did notice signs encouraging the development of motors that could run entirely on corn ethanol (if that’s what it’s called).

Speaking of signs, I guess having frontage on an interstate highway is akin to having a broadcast radio frequency. There were many messages along the way. There appears to be a call for alcohol reform in Wisconsin (probably those pesky college kids causing problems). There are also some folks who want to carry concealed weapons. Their signs read: When you outlaw concealed carry <next sign> Only outlaws will carry concealed <next sign> Guns Save Lives. 

Speaking of lives, I have compassion for people who have lost loved ones prematurely due to accidents. BUT, what’s up with all the road-side memorials? This is what cemetaries are for, people! This activity causes two problems. First, the memorials themselves can be very distracting. Pile up a bunch of balloons, flowers, and teddy bears and everyone will ogle assuming that a child lost his life. Second, the people setting these up are stopping on the highway and creating obstacles. At one time I heard a proposal that would set up periodic memorial stops for families who lost someone between miles x and y. Sort of like a rest area but for grieving. Weird.

Speaking of weird, who names fireworks stands? Has there been market research to indicate that I want to buy fireworks from Crazy Eddie? I think I would rather purchase my explosives from someone named Cautious Carl, but maybe that’s just me. One thing I did notice was that you don’t see any Four-Finger Freddie’s fireworks stands. 

That’s about it for now. Off to get in an open water swim in Lake Monona!

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