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Ironman Wisconsin – Looking Back

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks since the event. I’ve recovered to 90-95% or so and am easing back into training. Honestly, training starts in earnest on Monday for 2 straight weeks, then I’ll begin tapering for the Great Floridian Iron Distance Triathlon. Yes – I am double dipping this year, and they are only 6 weeks apart.

Many of you commented offline (why do I bother having a comments section on this site) that I didn’t sound excited and happy in my race reports. Trust me – I had a blast and am very proud of what I accomplished. But objectively, I didn’t accomplish all of my goals. Work was a large factor in that. I received high honors and a promotion at work, my mother passed away in May, and those two major events affected my ability to train and nourish my body in the way I would’ve liked.

Every race is an opportunity to test myself and learn my limits. Every race is an opportunity to do the simplest things in life that many others cannot do. Every race is an opportunity to display my competitive spirit, my unwillingness to quit, and my ability to push through adversity to achieve positive outcomes.

Swim, Bike, Run. It all seems so simple and yet I am extremely happy and thankful that I am able to train and compete.

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