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A New Beginning

Sunrise Over Lake Lanier
Originally uploaded by Iron Mike Schubert

Today marked a new beginning, albeit a short one, in my quest to tame the iron-distance triathlon. In 4 weeks, I will take on the distance again at the Great Floridian Triathlon in Clermont, Florida. The past two weeks were about recovery. This week and next week are about building to a new peak. The following two weeks will be tapering.

Today I started off my new beginning by visiting a different gym. One of the beautiful parts of having memberships with Lifetime Fitness and the YMCA of Metro Atlanta is having 6 different gyms to choose from in which to workout. The Y keeps their pools untolerably hot, so I chose to go to Lifetime Fitness in Johns Creek. I was rewarded with a clean gym, crystal clear pool, and plenty of lockers. This is in stark contrast to the condition at the Alpharetta Lifetime. The Johns Creek location is practically a 180 in terms of floor plan when compared to Alpharetta. When I went looking for something, it was virtually in a mirror image of the Alpharetta location. Definitely weird and mentally challenging at 5 a.m.!!

All told, I was able to swim an hour and lift weights for a little over 30 minutes. For lunch, i went to the Alpharetta Lifetime Fitness and got in a roughly 3.5 mile run. At one point this morning, I thought I was being hard on that gym and was just biased toward the Johns Creek location because I had not been there before. After running and showering I realized that my assessment of the facility was spot on. I will now be doing my early morning workouts at Johns Creek whenever practical.

P.S. I drove by the Suwanee Greenway in hopes of getting a good picture of the flooding I reported on yesterday. The waters had receded tremendously and the trail, at least near Martin Farm Rd looked fairly passable, thus I did not get any photographs. Hopefully we will not see any more flooding like that!

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