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Code Release Weekend

Originally uploaded by IsaacMao

This is a code release weekend for our intranet. These things can be hit or miss. The best laid plans can quickly go awry when updating a complex system. Aside from a deployment that stretched to 3 a.m., testing has proceeded fairly smoothly.

After 4 hours of sleep last night, I got up to get a run in. My head was foggy and my brain kept telling me to stop – but my legs, lungs and heart said keep going. My BRAIN was OVERRULED. It was after my run that I was reflecting on the experience when I realized that my Ironman training has paid off and STUCK. Today wasn’t an event. There was no medal at the end nor a crowd along the way. In fact, it was 46 degrees and sprinkling. And yet, not only did I get out there to run, but my conditioning took over and just knocked it out.

Sometimes its the little things that make you appreciate the hard work you put in along the way. Hopefully I will have a similar experience with today’s rollout.

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