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Running’s Dirty Little Secret

The calendar says Fall, but it seems like we’ve skipped Fall in Atlanta and moved straight to Winter. Nonetheless, the 5k/10k half/full marathon running calendars now become jam packed with events. For some, it will cap off an accomplishment. They trained for the past several months, show up for their event, and execute. For others, it will serve as inspiration for themselves to get off the couch and go run.

There will be countless articles on “starting running”, “your first 5k”, etc. etc. The advice will be endless. So it’s my turn to give you one piece of advice – just go do it. Don’t worry about how far or fast you go. Just do it. Eventually you will go farther or faster or both.

Now for running’s dirty little secret – everyone cares how far and fast you went. I have no idea why, but everyone is obsessed with it. How far did you go? How long did it take? As I said above, it does not matter. It is all relative. Running 1 mile is better than sitting on the couch. Running 15 minutes is better than spending 15 minutes at the local all you can eat buffet.

Run YOUR run. Screw everyone else. Achieving what YOU are capable of is what is important.

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