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2009 Boo Run Race Report

2009 Boo Run
Originally uploaded by Iron Mike Schubert

Happy Halloween! Today marked the 11th running of the Boo Run in Flowery Branch, GA. The race is well organized and provides a good mix between fun and serious running.

The race starts at 9am for some strange reason. Beware of that if you choose to run. I say that mainly because it requires a little bit of mental preparation if you’re used to having a post race snack by then. Today was a rainy, 60 degrees. You can see in the picture that the rain held off for most of the event, but those taking 35 minutes or longer were drenched.

The course itself is best described as rolling and crowded. The race start is on a very narrow road by the police station. It was a VERY congested start as 300-400 people were crammed into this tiny area. I was quickly able to get into my own lane but slower runners probably were in packs for much longer.  There is 1 hill around the 1.8 mile mark that can be a bit challenging if you are really pouring it on.

The finish is a long, flat straight away that runs parallel to the train tracks. It’s great terrain for giving it that final kick. There was plenty of water, oranges and bananas to go around at the finish. Last year there was more of a party at the finish – but festivities were moved indoors today due to the rain.

In all, it’s a great little 5k to do in the foothills of North Georgia. I highly recommend you put it on your schedule.

Here is the elevation profile and map as captured by my watch:

Boo Run Route & Elevation Profile

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