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You’re Not Working as Hard as You Think You Are

Unless you have a heart rate monitor (and / or a power meter when cycling), you are probably not training as hard as you think you are. I came to this realization this morning in spin class. The batteries died in the HRM I use for indoor work about 8 weeks ago, but for a variety of reasons I had not replaced them. I would ride my 5 a.m. rides based on the old rate of perceived exertion (aka RPE) and judge my progress accordingly.

I purchased new batteries this weekend and went into class this morning ready to rock and roll. Unfortunately, when my heart rate hit 75% of max, my legs were screaming at me. In part I think this was due to my running the hills in San Francisco last week. But I cannot help but wonder if over the last 8 weeks I was taking it too easy. 

What gets measured gets done. And I’m back on it now.


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