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Cycling Safety in the Offseason

The top of Fort Mountain
Originally uploaded by Iron Mike Schubert

For many of us in the United States, the weather is getting colder and the urge to ride our bikes outside is dying down. Of course, it’s not for me – but the rest of you people may be wimping out and that’s okay. This is a friendly reminder for those of you out there still riding to be extra vigilant as there are fewer riders out and motorists may not be as aware of our presence.

If you ride enough miles you will eventually encounter less than friendly motorists that do things to you. I’ve had people try to run me off the road, throw bottles at me, yell, etc. I’ve even had stupid people in their own front yard yell at me to get off the road – as if I didn’t know where they lived. What idiots.

One of my favorite stories came from the Athena Diaries this summer. Someone pulled a stunt on her while out riding, but evidently they were close to their final destination and she was able to note the address they pulled into. She wrote a friendly blog post titled Dear Pompous Idiot with this gem of a quote inside:

Oh, And thanks so much for pulling into your own driveway and screaming and swearing at us from your very own front yard. I checked on Google Street, and saw the same dark grey Volvo parked in your driveway, and now I know where you live. I’ll be sure and share that address on every cycling advocacy website that I know.

Just remember friends, you have as much right to the road as everyone else. Be smart, be predictable, and be safe.


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