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Transparency in Vendor Selection

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Part of my job involves evaluating and recommending IT solutions to business problems we face. I have a wide background in technology and do not fit the mold of a “Java guy” or “Microsoft guy”. This can be exasperating for some as they try to figure out which direction I lean and offer me sales spiels to convince me toward their product.

Even more troubling to sales reps is determining how I view solutions from IBM, Microsoft, Sun and Cisco. My previous employer was a business partner / gold reseller for those vendors and you would think that I automatically drank the kool-aid. There are people that I work with that have obvious biases towards some vendors due to past affiliations and/or friendships. If it works out for them, great. But that’s not how I roll and I do not appreciate people toeing a company line for a company they don’t work for.

I will always prefer the solution that supports the most features my business partners require, with the lowest initial and recurring costs, that has the best chance at adoption and longevity within our environment. I don’t fit any mold – I make the mold.

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