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2010 Macon Rock N Rollman Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Threatening skies over the transition area
at the Macon Rock & Rollman triathlon

Originally uploaded by Iron Mike Schubert

Today was a great day for racing, unlike yesterday when the attached photograph was taken. The water was a warm 81 degrees, the skies were partly cloudy, and I felt prepared to race. My pre-race routine was uneventful, and I arrived at the race site with plenty of time to lube my chain, air up my tires, and make a couple of trips to the port a johns.

I wasn’t doing the half iron distance for a change this year, so I had plenty of time after transition closed to get to the water and warm up. During this time, two small things happened. First, the race start was delayed by about 20 minutes for some unexplained reason. I think this hurt me a little early on the bike because I had timed out my nutrition needs based on the published schedule. Second, I was bit by a fish twice. It’s nit uncommon to feel smaller fish bumping into you in the water trying to figure out whether you are food, but this was a bigger fish that could actually grab onto my calf. No big deal in the grand scheme of things, but an interesting side story.

Swim 750 meters. I completed the swim in 13:09. I’m very happy with my execution in the water. My sighting was almost perfect and straight. I passed a bunch of folks and although my wave was big I never felt crowded. My water position was close to textbook. Again, water temp was 81 degrees so that meant everything was up to me, there was no wetsuit helping my form out today. This leg was over before I knew it and I had my cap and goggles off in one motion and ran up to T1.

Bike 15 miles. My ride time was just over 45 minutes, with an average speed of 19.6 mph. I’m very happy with my execution on the bike. I had to eat a little earlier than planned (18 minutes in instead of 30 minutes) but that probably worked out for the best. It just came on an uphill where I lost some momentum that would have otherwise kept me at a 20 mph pace. I was aero somewhere around 70% of the time, probably due to tight hamstrings. I need to work on those over the coming months. Before I knew it, I was back at transition and flew through in just over a minute – another well executed segment of my race.

Run 5 kilometers. By the time the run started, the temperature had reached the 80’s and the sun was starting to beat down. I don’t think it had much effect on me based on miles 2 and 3, but the first mile really stunk. I had to run / walk to try to find a good rhythm and could feel my race slipping away. Fortunately, by the time I reached the turnaround point I had found my stride and was able to turn in a 29:40 run segment. It wasn’t the best executed run I’ve ever done, but it did the trick.

My overall time was 1 hour 32 minutes. The best case scenario I had in my head was 1 hour 35 minutes so I’m very pleased to have beaten that. This was the first triathlon of my 2010 race season and I don’t think it could have been any better. I’m really looking forward to getting back into my summertime swim, bike, run pattern that has shown so much success over the past few years. There are at least 3 more tris on the calendar, with 1 or 2 at the half iron distance, so it will be great to measure my progress at the end of the season off today’s baseline.

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