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Weekly Training Review

This week marked the continuation of my ramp up. Yes, the athlete awakened a few weeks ago – but there are a couple of metrics that still need to come into line. Here are the totals for the week:

Swim – 4000 meters. I had 2 days of 1500 meters and the Monday after the race I only did 1000. I need to get some form fitting swim shorts from Tyr or someone because the ones I currently swim in have a lot of drag. The key is for them to be chlorine safe. I have ruined a number of pair in the pool already.

Bike – 43 Miles. This was all in one ride. I need to work on getting my routine back of at least 1 weekday ride so that I can ramp this mileage up better.

Run – 19 Miles. I’m pretty pleased here. All of these runs have been around the 12 noon hour. Not one was under 80 degrees. I’m definitely getting heat trained. The calendar says Spring but the thermometer definitely says SUMMER.

Weights – 30 minutes. Worked on my back and shoulders. Need to get some more core work in.

So that’s the week looking back. A total of 8 hours and 40 minutes of training. My goals for next week are to 1) Cross the magical 10 hour threshold, 2) Get at least 1 brick in during the week, and 3) Get a 2nd weights workout during the week with some core work. 

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