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2010 Possum Trot Race Report

Today marked my 3rd or 4th running of the Possum Trot along the Chattahoochee River in Roswell, Ga. The course is fairly flat and fairly fast, and is a qualifier for the annual Peachtree Road Race. This combination makes for a large turnout for the charity race that supports the Chattahoochee Nature Center. My day started with crappy sleep overnight. Guess I have a lot of stress going on right now and that affected me. When I woke up I wasn’t really hungry either, but choked down a peanut butter bagel to get some energy flowing. A large americano from Starbucks about an hour later really awakened me and got me ready to run.

This was the 32nd running, and included chip timing for all participants. The d-tag system makes chip timing easy and affordable for race directors and gives everyone a finish time as if they ran a personal time trial. Many events use “gun time” which stinks if there are 1000 people and it takes you several minutes to even see the start line after the gun goes off. This makes this race even more attractive. There seemed to be some logistical issues with the placement of the mats. There was a fun run before the 10k and I think some 10k folks were too close to the finish mats and tripped the timing. We also had to avoid the finish mats in the first 1/4 mile of the race – leading to a bottleneck of runners as 2 lanes were reduced to 1. These are things that should be easy to iron out for next year though.

I can speak for the last 5 years and say the course has remained unchanged. I’ve included the map and elevation profile below and it is the same route that I’ve seen run since 2006. As I mentioned before, the course is fairly flat. When you turn onto azalea drive and pass the 1.5 mile mark, the sun hits you in the eyes and on a warm, humid day like today can really wear you down. I pushed through this section and was averaging 8:15 miles through the first 3 miles. I walked the 2 water stops that were out there to hydrate and turned in an overall time of 54:02. This is good enough to get me in the time group 1B section of Peachtree if I do no other qualifiers before next year’s registration (unlikely as that may be).

In all it was a great day. Not a PR for me but probably the best 10k I have run since starting to work at McKesson. My weight is back to where it was when I interviewed there, and I think I have finally found a balance that lets me get in ~10 hours a week of training while still taking over the world. The next 2 months will be the test as I prepare for several big races on my Fall schedule.

Thanks for stopping by!

Update 6/20/2010: Official results are found here. They have me at 54 minutes even. Makes sense – I can’t start and stop my watch exactly on the timing mats. I was 30/62 in my age group. I’m pretty happy with that considering I had a couple of gears left in me that I didn’t use.

2010 Possum Trot Course Profile

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