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Engaging Your New Hires

An article in the Wall Street Journal this week talked about a great technique for getting new hires excited about your company. It involves figuring out who the employee’s support system is behind the scenes, and then sending visible signs of appreciation for them to enjoy. I personally experienced this over a decade ago when I arrived home from my first day at Solarcom to find a flower basket had been delivered as a welcome gift. Of course, that is where it ended, but it was a good start nonetheless. Michalowicz says:

Here’s the key to winning over an employee’s family: Start from day one. The first thing your newly hired staff member will likely hear from a significant other when he gets home is, “How was your first day?” If he spent it mostly filling out a three-foot stack of forms, ordering his own business cards and eating lunch alone, he might rightfully answer: “Lousy.”

His solution is to get all of the paperwork out of the way before the new hire walks in the door, and instead have the employee spend the day with his new manager learning about the company, going out to lunch with co-workers, etc. While this probably works well for a small business, I couldn’t imagine spending an entire day with the new hire. And doing the paperwork before starting?? What a waste of my personal time Wink

However, I do believe that he’s on to something by appealing to the support system. If you win them over, then they will be much more supportive when you have to travel, work a late night, or some other event occurs that requires a change of plans back home. 

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