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Adventures in Offshoring

You never know what you are going to learn as you enter the world of outsourced software development. I’ve talked here in the past about the abuse of the traffic signal in status reports, picking a vendor, and a whole host of other considerations that need to be made. Nothing prepared me for this.

One key member (read: the only one who really knows how to get anything done) of our offshore team was in an accident the other day. Allegedly a bunch of guys were riding their motorcycles drunk, and ran into him. He was in a car. Apparently the rule is that the person in the bigger vehicle is the one at fault. So they started harassing him for money – to which he wanted to just handle it through insurance.

The story becomes strange when the drunk motorcyclists start having our guy arrested for non-payment. The police were there to arrest him when he showed up to work. Keep in mind – they hit him. So now the police have offered to take care of it, in exchange for a bribe. He doesn’t want to give them money either.

I think I would pay the bribe to the cops. What would you do?

Do You Watch Your Credit Card Statements?

I watch my statements like a hawk. One trick I have used recently to find recurring charges is to not use one card for an entire month, and see what charges hit it. That technique found an online newspaper I never read, and called to my attention the large sum of cash going to Netflix, DirecTV, etc. Once that cycle ends, I simply charge everything on that card and let the opposite sit dormant for a month. It’s a very enlightening process.

Most recently, I saw a charge for $44.99 to “RRS*SPORTSVIP YOUSAVE!” on my recent activity. I haven’t ordered any running shoes or apparel from them in over 2 years, and I certainly did not 2 days ago. I called and the agent told me “That’s for our VIP program renewal.” The guy was courteous and put in a request to refund me that money. Hopefully it’s all honored.

The strange thing is, when I go to RoadRunner’s site, I see the promotion to get into the VIP program for $1.99 and then it says it auto-renews each year for $24.99. So why was mine $44.99? I already stopped shopping there some time back – needless to say I will not shop there any time soon. In this age of “Card on file” technology, you have to watch your credit card statements like a hawk!

2011 Peachtree Road Race Report

This year marked my 6th year in the event, and I am happy to say that for a fun-run 10k I finished in under 1 hour! My training this year has absolutely been in the abyss. Much of that has to do with a double dose of strep throat early in the year (January and February) followed up with a couple of sinus infections in late March and again in May. This simply has not been my year.

I had hoped to have a better showing in the Peachtree, and had actually made a friendly wager with Andy Phillips at work for lunch to the winner. The tale of the tape was as follows:

BIB # Name Chip Time Overall Place Gender Group Age Group
11274 Mike Schubert 59:50 11891 8530 1189
12701 Andy Phillips 59:24 11369 8201 778

In all, it was a great day and a great race. Interestingly, Andy and I started from roughly the same spot among the 60,000 runners. We were right at the front of time group C – he as on the right side and I on the left. We never saw each other though.

With that said, my training is cranking back up. I don’t like to lose!

Also of note, I have moved to a new provider – WordPress. I am tired of keeping up with updates for my software, dealing with a hosting provider, and only having a limited number of templates (most of the WordPress imitators anyway) to choose from. So I bit the bullet and came over here to the land of dominance. We’ll see how it goes. The biggest benefit is that all of my posts dating back to 2004 are now reunited in one location.

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