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Adventures in Offshoring

You never know what you are going to learn as you enter the world of outsourced software development. I’ve talked here in the past about the abuse of the traffic signal in status reports, picking a vendor, and a whole host of other considerations that need to be made. Nothing prepared me for this.

One key member (read: the only one who really knows how to get anything done) of our offshore team was in an accident the other day. Allegedly a bunch of guys were riding their motorcycles drunk, and ran into him. He was in a car. Apparently the rule is that the person in the bigger vehicle is the one at fault. So they started harassing him for money – to which he wanted to just handle it through insurance.

The story becomes strange when the drunk motorcyclists start having our guy arrested for non-payment. The police were there to arrest him when he showed up to work. Keep in mind – they hit him. So now the police have offered to take care of it, in exchange for a bribe. He doesn’t want to give them money either.

I think I would pay the bribe to the cops. What would you do?

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