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Hamstring Injury Recover – Day 1

Last night I pulled my hamstring muscle playing tennis. It’s a shame, too. I had won the first set 6-0 and was about to go 1-0 in the second set when it happened. My opponent instantly knew – I imagine the look of agony and near-tearful eyes were also a good clue. My game wasn’t the same after that, and I went on to lose sets 2 & 3 (1-6, 4-6).  The gentleman I played was a great guy, and even offered to suspend the match a day so I could recover, but I opted not to. A win is a win.

So today I sit here in a little pain. It’s a grade 1 strain based on the hamstring injury grading scale, though I assure you it felt grade 3 during the match! Last night I made the mistake of applying moist heat after the match, but am now on rest, ice, compression and keeping it elevated (although I’m not sure vacuuming counts as rest). It seems whether your injury is from swimming/biking/running thousands of miles or from tennis, R.I.C.E. is the answer. I am able to walk normally and have maybe 75% of the range of motion before I feel the pain.  My plan is to start walking 2-3 miles each day beginning today, ice every 2-4 hours for the next day and schedule a massage on Tuesday to try to break up scar tissue that may be forming while it repairs itself. Yoga and pilates may be in the not too distant future for me as I have chronically tight hammies.

If all goes well, I should be able to return to match play on Monday, October 10th. We’ll have to wait and see if that can happen. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

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