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Training Week 1 Review

I’m in. Yet again. This will mark my 3rd attempt at the Ironman distance triathlon. This time, the venue is Ironman Florida, in Panama City.  It’s great because it’s close to home and will provide me will more excuses to go down to the panhandle this Summer!

With my registration comes the need to train. Not that I haven’t been training. The real need is to pay attention and train smart. Note – I’m tempted to say “train right” as a bit of foreshadowing, but I haven’t quite bit that bullet yet.

Week 1 in review:

Swim: I got in the pool. Yay!  A total of 1500 meters that day. Things felt good. This is the easiest place for me to get burned out, so I’m going to be careful as to how frequently I visit the underwater hamster wheel. My first triathlon of 2012 will be April at the earliest and no more than 2000 meters, so I’m in good shape for that already.

Bike: I rode just over 80 miles this week. One workout was on a spin bike while the other two were open road, including a 50+ mile ride on Saturday. Nutrition was my only issue on the ride. I should have packed more sports drink, or a couple of packs of Cliff Shot Blocks.

Run: I ran 18.9 miles, with a long run of 10 miles on Sunday. Everything feels good – but kinda feels like slow motion. The 10 miler was averaging around a 9:40 pace. Not bad for my longest run since March.

Weights: I lifted one day, hitting biceps, triceps, shoulders and abs.

Tennis:  Yes, I’m still playing tennis through this. I went to drills and had a singles match this week. This totaled around 2 1/2 hours of my “training” this week.

In all, it was just short of 12 hours of athletics. My current concerns are over-training, under-training, and improper training.  Geez – I think that about covers it. I’ll be working on a plan for dealing with those fears over the coming few weeks. 51 more weeks to go!

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