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Quietly Getting My Workouts In

Things have been pretty quiet here on the website. The fact is that I’m quietly getting my workouts in during the week. I did re-injure my hamstring a couple of weekends ago, but bounced back after a couple of days of rest. Time has been logged in the pool, on the bike, and running the streets of both Atlanta and San Francisco. So far I’m on track for my return to form in time for the Publix Georgia Marathon.

Things that are on tap to continue my Ironman preparation include:

  • Returning to the pilates studio to work on increasing flexibility
  • Spending more time in the pool. At least visiting once a week.
  • Continuing to gradually build my run mileage. My long run is 10 miles right now.
  • Sneaking in a round of golf.  Just being honest here.

Ok, enough talk. Time to go train.

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