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2012 Publix Georgia Marathon Race Report

The 6th running of the Georgia Marathon followed the course that has been run the past several years. Temperatures at race time were in the upper 50’s, reaching the high 70’s by the finish. The humidity level was pretty high for the first couple of hours. This led to sweat laden shirts, shorts and socks as the air could not absorb the sweat. Later in the race, the humidity eased, but the sun and hot air more than compensated for the lack of humidity.

In terms of race organization, things went pretty smoothly in spite of the hot temperatures. This year’s event was not as hot as the first year it ran, but some of the aid stations still had issues keeping up with demand for water & gatorade. Why they do not go ahead and fill 10000 cups of each at the first two aid stations is simply beyond me. I cringed when I saw runners clamoring at packages of cups to then hold a cup out for a volunteer to fill from a pitcher. Just ridiculous. Also, the finish line had no cold refreshments for the marathon runners. I’m not sure about the half folks, but when I hit the finish line I was handed a hot bottle of water. Yech.

I’m really proud of my accomplishment and need to reflect on the training that got me here. This wasn’t my best, but was far from my worst. And right now I’m just not happy with my physical appearance, although my physical conditioning appears to be spot on. Here are the objective details of my 6th Georgia Marathon / 18th marathon in general:



Michael Schubert #204

Age: 38 Gender: M
Distance MAR
Clock Time 5:14:45
Chip Time 5:07:56
Overall Place 1378 / 1868
Gender Place 962 / 1232
Division Place 172 / 220
10K 1:07:05
Half 2:22:34
22 1Mi 4:07:01
Divtotal 224
Sextotal 1260
Pace 11:46
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