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Impressive Geo-tagging Camera – Casio EXILIM EX-H20G

Casio has launched a 14.1 megapixel camera with full geo-tagging capabilities built into it. Beyond that, it leverages the GPS and internal memory to maintain maps and a database of popular sightseeing locations. The camera is able to detect whether you are within range of one of the 10,000 popular locations and alerts you to the photo opportunity so you don’t miss it. This is definitely cool for the casual traveler who likes point and shoot convenience.

One thing I would like to see beyond this would be crowd sourcing based on the geo-tagged photos. Imagine having the coordinates of all photos taken uploaded to a central database, and then having the top 10,000 of those distributed back out to the camera. This would be a great exercise in statistical analysis, but would also provide an easy way for updating popular locations based on the actual users.


Check out the features and specs here -> Casio Camera Bundles Advanced GPS Functions and Sightseeing Tips

Shooting Beyond Automatic Mode

Several months ago I purchased a Canon EOS Rebel T1i Digital SLR Camera. My goal – to take more creative pictures of my adventures. I’ve been very happy with my Olympus Stylus 770 for capturing some of my training and even races, but there are sights and scenes beyond the in-race event that I didn’t feel were captured quite the way I remembered them.

To that end, I’m now trying to learn to shoot beyond automatic mode. You know – all those other knobs on your camera actually control how what you see gets interpreted by the chip (or film if you’re old school). One nifty tool on most cameras that I don’t understand is the histogram. had a promising sounding article recently called How To Read Your Camera’s Histogram And Take Perfectly Balanced Images.  I say promising because while it did explain the histogram and its relationship to the exposure of your image, it fell short of explaining how to take perfectly balanced images.

I see entire books and courses that focus on understanding exposure and the aperture / shutter speed / film speed triangle. I guess to become a better photographer this is a good area to focus and practice hands on. Don’t be surprised if I suddenly start posting a bunch of photographs as I practice.