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The Next Adventure

Yes, it’s time to learn to SCUBA! Yes, triathlon training for IMFL continues, as does both singles & doubles tennis. While diving seems like a very active sport, it’s also one that is purportedly very relaxing and takes place in what I consider to be a fascinating environment. Add a lifelong interest in learning, coupled with a potential tropical trip on the horizon, and this seemed to be the right time to take the plunge!

Step 1 in this process is to go through the academic portion of learning. I completed the PADI Open Water Diving manual and the written exercises within for this portion. There is a lot of focus on safety in addition to an overview of the skills and equipment that is necessary to safely dive recreationally. It all still sounds very exciting and I’m looking forward to the next portion of this certification, Confined Water Dives. I will be performing these at The Dive Center on McEver.

In preparation, I’ve purchased the mask, snorkel, fins and booties that best fit me. I already own a wetsuit for triathlon, so if I need one in the pool environment, I will simply use it. You shouldn’t use a triathlon wetsuit when actually diving, because the pressure put on it will wear it out. But for a pool that only goes to 10 or 12 feet, it should be fine if I find myself getting cold late in the day. My guess is that the 89 degrees will feel like bathwater.

My last task before the confined water dives is to take the mask and snorkel to the pool and just get used to a couple of the concepts around mask clearing, and breathing without the mask on. Those seem to be the two portions of the class that cause the most despair among students, so having some extra time on my own seems like it may be beneficial. There are several YouTube videos that demonstrate the clearing task, so that is what I’ll go by.