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Michael Phelps a Role Model?

We really need to revisit what it means to be a role model. There is a fundamental flaw in this system. Michael Phelps is a great swimmer. It came as no surprise that he was found smoking pot. What does come as a surprise is that he is a role model.

“Michael is a role model, and he is well aware of the responsibilities and accountability that come with setting a positive example for others, particularly young people,” the USOC said in a statement. “In this instance, regrettably, he failed to fulfill those responsibilities.

Sure, he is an awesome swimmer. His work ethic in the pool is admirable. He’s just not a role model. Have you heard this guy speak? Check out his Rosetta Stone commercials and tell me that his smoking pot comes as any surprise to you.
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I Must Be Having a Fantastic Off-Season

Find yourself petting your bike and glancing at your running shoes. These are all signs that you had a good off-season.

Yep, that about sums it up for me.
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Cool Martial Arts Demos

One thing I like about YouTube is finding some interesting demonstrations without a lot of effort. Here’s one that contains some pretty cool attack/defense moves that Tammy and I are thinking about incorporating into a fight sequence.

The Neverending College Football Season

Am I the only one who thinks it’s nuts to spread the College Bowl games out over such a long time?? It seems almost as bad as basketball season dragging on and on.
And then they leave it on a Monday night. What the heck are they thinking?? If you’re going to drag it out, at least have it on a Saturday night. That way I can actually enjoy it. I’ll be snoozing away on this one by half time!!

The End of an Era Draws Near

Usually when you hear the words “the end of an era” they are attached to a pleasant memory. For me, the Reggie Ball era at Georgia Tech will be remembered as one of frustration.
He became the first true freshman to start at quarterback for Tech in 2003. It was a season of building and one that brought hope for the future. 2004 and 2005 progressed well and it seemed the team was going to be poised for big things in 2006. Unfortunately, you never knew which Reggie Ball was going to show up to the game.
One thing that is clear is that he is not a passer. He throws the ball up but does not complete a high percentage of passes. Imagine what Calvin Johnson’s colllege career would have been like with someone who could actually complete a pass taking snaps under center. Tech probably would’ve been undefeated this year.
So Tech is going to play West Virginia in the Gator Bowl. Big deal. It should’ve been the Orange Bowl this year. Anything less is disappointing. As for Reggie, I hope he’s gotten a good education down at the North Avenue Trade School. He might have a future as a backup running back somewhere, but he shouldn’t hold his breath.