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January 2016 Training Summary

In the spirit of accountability, here are my training numbers from January.  It was a bit disappointing overall given the strong start I had to the year. The pie chart shows a significant run focus in my workouts this month, with ~ 75% more of my time being spent running than cycling.  I did manage to make it to the pool a couple of times, but I kept my sessions short – focusing on the feel of my stroke in the water and trying to not overwork my shoulders.

The performance management chart clearly shows the delineation of school starting back (yes, I’m a 2nd year graduate student at Georgia Tech while still working full time– Insane!!). I had just one good run after that on the 17th, and NADA-ZILCH-NOTHING through 1/31.  The weather didn’t help as we had a couple of days with icy roads. Still – that is no excuse to not get on the trainer.



Swim: 1050 yards. 24 minutes

Bike: 70.6 miles. 3 hours, 48 minutes

Run: 37.0 miles.  6 hours, 56 minutes

Other (Tennis / etc.): 0 hours

Total training time: 11 hours, 8 minutes.

It’s Beginning To Look Like…

It’s really beginning to look like I’m training for something. A few folks have noticed that there is certainly an underlying mission each week when it comes to my fitness. I’m definitely trying to get back into the top shape I was in a couple of years back, but on top of that it looks like there may be something else.

I honestly don’t know. Maybe there is. We will have to see what tickles my fancy once the engine is back at 100% and body fat is back at 15%. For now, here’s the results of this past week:

Swim:  4000 meters / 2 Days

Bike: 16.3 miles / 1 Day

Run: 22.9 miles / 4 Days

Tennis: 2.5 hours of singles


I’m really happy with where my swimming is heading. I matched last week’s distance with one fewer day, thanks in part to having a 2500 meter set on Monday. I also did my first two a day this week, combining a 1500 meter swim with a 3.5 mile run.  My long run crossed 11 miles this week. I could’ve gone farther but ran out of water. The weather stunk pretty much all week, with rain Monday thru Thursday, followed by a dip into the 30’s (it had been in the 70’s for the past week). I did good to get that one cold 16 mile ride in.

Singles and doubles season both started this week. I dropped my first singles match in a fashion I’d rather not discuss here. Needless to say there is a lesson learned here.

Looking ahead, I’ve got 2 doubles matches and 1 singles match scheduled for the coming week. My plan also has increased mileage on the bike and running. I’ll get in the pool at least once this week and work on form and get a good workout in.

Quietly Getting My Workouts In

Things have been pretty quiet here on the website. The fact is that I’m quietly getting my workouts in during the week. I did re-injure my hamstring a couple of weekends ago, but bounced back after a couple of days of rest. Time has been logged in the pool, on the bike, and running the streets of both Atlanta and San Francisco. So far I’m on track for my return to form in time for the Publix Georgia Marathon.

Things that are on tap to continue my Ironman preparation include:

  • Returning to the pilates studio to work on increasing flexibility
  • Spending more time in the pool. At least visiting once a week.
  • Continuing to gradually build my run mileage. My long run is 10 miles right now.
  • Sneaking in a round of golf.  Just being honest here.

Ok, enough talk. Time to go train.

Weekly Training Review

This week marked the continuation of my ramp up. Yes, the athlete awakened a few weeks ago – but there are a couple of metrics that still need to come into line. Here are the totals for the week:

Swim – 4000 meters. I had 2 days of 1500 meters and the Monday after the race I only did 1000. I need to get some form fitting swim shorts from Tyr or someone because the ones I currently swim in have a lot of drag. The key is for them to be chlorine safe. I have ruined a number of pair in the pool already.

Bike – 43 Miles. This was all in one ride. I need to work on getting my routine back of at least 1 weekday ride so that I can ramp this mileage up better.

Run – 19 Miles. I’m pretty pleased here. All of these runs have been around the 12 noon hour. Not one was under 80 degrees. I’m definitely getting heat trained. The calendar says Spring but the thermometer definitely says SUMMER.

Weights – 30 minutes. Worked on my back and shoulders. Need to get some more core work in.

So that’s the week looking back. A total of 8 hours and 40 minutes of training. My goals for next week are to 1) Cross the magical 10 hour threshold, 2) Get at least 1 brick in during the week, and 3) Get a 2nd weights workout during the week with some core work. 

Spring Training 2010

Pre-ride 3-31-2010
Originally uploaded by Iron Mike Schubert

Baseball players have wound down Spring training and the regular season has begun. Atlanta has completely skipped Spring and gone from high temperatures one week in the 40’s to last week in the 80’s. I decided it was time to take some time off from work for a little Spring training of my own.

3/31 – 43 mile bike ride through Suwanee, Buford, Flowery Branch and Sugar Hill. High temp on the bike was right at 80 degrees.

4/1 – 5.75 mile run at lunch (I worked today). Again – the weather was perfect. This is evidently the start of heat training for the season so my run struggled a bit. I expect this to change quickly.

4/2 – Rest day. If anyone ever posts a week’s worth of workouts and you don’t see a rest day, you need to question them. You get stronger via recovery from the activity, not from actually doing the activity. I worked today, too.

4/3 – 6.7 miles run. This was an easy out and back on the greenway. Not a lot of elevation change. Right at the end I had to gun it to get around some annoying Team In Training people. Once again, they were occupying the entire 12 foot stretch of concrete with just a few people. They said “sorry” as I passed them on the right – meaning they knew they were in the wrong. Unfortunately, they continued to be in the wrong even after I passed them.

4/4 – Ride: 15.5 miles. Originally I planned this to be a swim as I thought it was the last day of the Tri2Remember Swim Clinic. Evidentally, it wasn’t due to the Easter holiday. I have missed the prior two practices due to the ING Marathon one Sunday and dealing with my mom’s estate the other Sunday. 

4/5 – Stott pilates. It’s nice to work out with athletes. There is a common respect there – especially when they give you a workout that absolutely kicks your ass. That was the way today went. Imagine 1 hour of core work where the goal is to find all of your different breaking points and make them stronger. That’s how it went. At the end, the instructor said she admired my ability to swim / bike / run for hours on end – she could do pilates for hours, but no way could bike or run for that long. And to be honest, an hour of Stott was all I could take. Mutual admiration isn’t a bad thing.

4/6 – Long run. >10 miles. I wanted to go longer than that today, but it simply wasn’t in the cards. As I mentioned earlier, it’s heating up in Atlanta – they high today was around 88. So the heat training has kicked in earlier than planned. That’s not a bad thing. I just ran 26.2 a couple of weeks back, so I’m not worried about the distance. I’ll get in a 15 miler this weekend and a bunch of maintenance runs as well so I should be all set for 26.2 again in 2.5 weeks.

And thus Spring Training for me has ended. I feel better and stronger today than when I started 1 week ago. The base fitness has been awakened and proven. I am working on the 3rd solid week of logging EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth and my workouts. All that combined and I FEEL like an athlete again. That was the overarching goal of the past week and I met it with flying colors.

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