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Leaving Your Company – The Emotional Break

This past week was what I fondly referred to as “The Farewell Tour” for me at HP. I was only there 14 months before being lured back to my former employer, but during that time I had become well entrenched. It’s humbling to realize the number of people that I had a positive impact on – and in return that had a positive impact on me.

What I came to realize was that this farewell tour was an important part of the process, and I actually found it fairly well documented on the HP Alumni site. They provide a handy “ASAP checklist” for you to follow once you realize that you are leaving the company. Tip # 5 says to:

Do your own simple lunch the week after even if there is an official lunch. You can even invite people who are already gone. A bona fide celebration is an important part of the emotional transition process. Leaving a job – even if eagerly and happily – has an impact of almost the same magnitude as a death in the family. Don’t skip this part of working through the emotional steps.

That really is great advice. In a healthy workplace, losing a team member has a big impact. Folks are happy that they are getting the opportunity, but also feel the void that person is leaving. Saying thanks and goodbye is very important.


I Wish I Had Written Better Test Cases

I’m wrapping up my short career at Hewlett-Packard, looking forward to the opportunity that I am headed to next. At this point I don’t have any work assigned to me and I have the opportunity to review some of my past work and do some refactoring. The only problem is, that in the course of work, either tests cases for certain things were not written, or a change took place that broke a test case, and fixing the test case took the back seat. So here I am with a few changes I’d like to make, no nice way to prove that they’ll be ok, and not enough time left to safely make changes to either place.

Ok. I get it. Lesson learned.

Times They Are a Changing

You could also file this under the category “Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.”  Not much to say right now, but I will tease it with this video clip:

Inbox Zero

A new service started up in the past couple of weeks called Mailbox. Their mission – to help users get to the state of an empty inbox. That’s a worthy cause – I can’t tell you how many people I know with literally thousands of messages in their inbox. I don’t know how they keep track of what they’ve taken care of vs what is still an open thread.

I was curious as to Mailbox’s approach, so I downloaded the app. And found over 500,000 people ahead of me in line to use it. The company seemingly took a smart approach to growth and is gradually increasing the number of people they allow to use it. Over the first 36 hours of my wait, it appears that 80,000 or so were allowed in, and the overall queue length is dropping – there are only 25,000 people behind me.

Still – I’m intrigued to see how their offering works. I’m usually already at a state of zero messages in both my work and personal accounts, so I’m likely to be disappointed! I’ve included a screenshot to show my high level filing system in Gmail.

It’s Beginning To Look Like…

It’s really beginning to look like I’m training for something. A few folks have noticed that there is certainly an underlying mission each week when it comes to my fitness. I’m definitely trying to get back into the top shape I was in a couple of years back, but on top of that it looks like there may be something else.

I honestly don’t know. Maybe there is. We will have to see what tickles my fancy once the engine is back at 100% and body fat is back at 15%. For now, here’s the results of this past week:

Swim:  4000 meters / 2 Days

Bike: 16.3 miles / 1 Day

Run: 22.9 miles / 4 Days

Tennis: 2.5 hours of singles


I’m really happy with where my swimming is heading. I matched last week’s distance with one fewer day, thanks in part to having a 2500 meter set on Monday. I also did my first two a day this week, combining a 1500 meter swim with a 3.5 mile run.  My long run crossed 11 miles this week. I could’ve gone farther but ran out of water. The weather stunk pretty much all week, with rain Monday thru Thursday, followed by a dip into the 30’s (it had been in the 70’s for the past week). I did good to get that one cold 16 mile ride in.

Singles and doubles season both started this week. I dropped my first singles match in a fashion I’d rather not discuss here. Needless to say there is a lesson learned here.

Looking ahead, I’ve got 2 doubles matches and 1 singles match scheduled for the coming week. My plan also has increased mileage on the bike and running. I’ll get in the pool at least once this week and work on form and get a good workout in.

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