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2012 Georgia Cup Resolution Run Race Report

Happy New Year!

This year started the same way that 5 others in recent memory have, with a 10k run under the moniker of New Year’s Resolutions. This event was a Georgia Cup series event, and I believe was the first year of its running. I have competed in the Atlanta Track Club Resolution Run a number of times, but found myself on the wrong side of a registration deadline. What was once a no-frills, $5 race is now an event that requires pre-registration (and $30!) several days in advance. So, I found myself racing closer to home in Norcross today.

It certainly did not feel like January 1st in Atlanta. The temperature was in the 50’s when I awoke and warmed up to around 60 under cloudy skies. Following the event, the sky opened up and then the winds came in. But as far as the race was concerned, the weather could not have been better. I raced in shorts and a short sleeve shirt and worked up quite a sweat on the hilly course.

The race was run well. I initially questioned the presence of merely 2 port-a-johns, but the line was never horrendous as only a couple of hundred folks were racing. The course itself was well marked and meandered through Technology Park. Police and/or volunteers were at intersections and the turn around points and kept us safe from what little traffic there was. There were plenty of water stops to keep runners hydrated. Sports drink would have been nice on the course or at the finish, but this is really my only complaint and it’s a minor one. The finish line festivities had more water, pretzels, bananas, Oreos, etc. – the usual fare. Results were quickly posted and traffic seemed to be a non-issue.

Here’s a look at the course for those of you who are interested. It is different than the one posted on the Georgia Cup site. In fact, it felt shorter (and my Garmin measured shorter) than a 10k. We’ll have to wait and see whether there is any official word on course length. No big deal either way – everyone ran the same course, it’d just be nice to know.

In all, it was a great day and felt really great to put on a number and run after nearly 6 months without doing so.  My final time was just over 54 minutes, and I came in 4th in my age group. My next race is likely another 10k in early February. I need to set another qualifying time for the Peachtree.

Happy running, folks!

2011 Peachtree Road Race Report

This year marked my 6th year in the event, and I am happy to say that for a fun-run 10k I finished in under 1 hour! My training this year has absolutely been in the abyss. Much of that has to do with a double dose of strep throat early in the year (January and February) followed up with a couple of sinus infections in late March and again in May. This simply has not been my year.

I had hoped to have a better showing in the Peachtree, and had actually made a friendly wager with Andy Phillips at work for lunch to the winner. The tale of the tape was as follows:

BIB # Name Chip Time Overall Place Gender Group Age Group
11274 Mike Schubert 59:50 11891 8530 1189
12701 Andy Phillips 59:24 11369 8201 778

In all, it was a great day and a great race. Interestingly, Andy and I started from roughly the same spot among the 60,000 runners. We were right at the front of time group C – he as on the right side and I on the left. We never saw each other though.

With that said, my training is cranking back up. I don’t like to lose!

Also of note, I have moved to a new provider – WordPress. I am tired of keeping up with updates for my software, dealing with a hosting provider, and only having a limited number of templates (most of the WordPress imitators anyway) to choose from. So I bit the bullet and came over here to the land of dominance. We’ll see how it goes. The biggest benefit is that all of my posts dating back to 2004 are now reunited in one location.

2010 Resolution Run 10K Race Report

The Chic-Fil-A Santa Cow
Originally uploaded by Iron Mike Schubert

Happy 2k10 to ya! This year has started off in much the same tradition as the past 5, with a 10k run at high noon.

This year’s Atlanta Track Club Resolution Run marked a major departure from years past. This used to be a low-key event where you registered only on race day, it was free to members ($5 to non-members) and maybe 400 people or so ran it. This year, pre-registration was mandatory, it was chip timed, and around 1700 people signed up between the 5k and 10k.

The temperature at

race start was somewhere between 35 and 40, with 10mph winds. It was very difficult to dress for this event. There were times I felt overdressed (no wind and in the sun) and times that I froze my ass off (shade and wind). I simply couldn’t win. In the end, I ran my best for the day and turned in a reasonable 56 minute time. That’s a full minute per mile slower than when I turned in a 49:xx time in 2008. Most importantly, I had a good time and started the new year off right.

Atlanta New Years Day Resolution Run – New Entry Procedures

In previous years, the Atlanta Track Club has hosted a 5k / 10k “Resolution Run” at high noon on New Years Day. It was a no-frills event where you walked up, paid $5, registered, got a t-shirt, and ran. That’s it. This has changed for the 2010 event.

For 2010, you will be required to register before 11:59 pm on December 29th. And it will no longer be $5, but between $22 – 25 depending on when you sign up. Long sleeve technical shirts will be given out this year instead of the cotton ones from years past. Rumor has it that it will be chip timed using those D-tags, though I can’t find anything to back that up at the moment. I’ll gladly pay $25 for a chip timed 10k. 

Here are the links to the Resolution Run event information page and the event registration page.

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