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The Year Ahead in Sport and Career

My focus this year is on nutrition and quality events. For the first time since 2007, there is no full distance Ironman triathlon on my race calendar. I am hoping this will allow me to focus on shedding more weight and building my capacity rather than focusing on getting ready to “get through” a 140.6 mile race. I have picked a handful of triathlons including 2 half-iron distance endeavors. I have also set my sights on 4 or 5 marathons with the goal of going under the 4 hour mark for the first time.

On the work front, my responsibilities are slowly increasing. I have a small portfolio of projects that I’m slated to deliver by the end of March and it is giving me a good taste of the rigors of resource, risk, and plan management at that level. The budget and scope are smaller than the largest project I managed, but has been a good way to get my feet wet in this arena that I hope to fully move into one day. During the 2nd half of 2010, I will likely be involved with revamping either our dot com or intranet platform (or both!). I’m looking forward to the opportunity to continue to grow. I’ll yap more about this in March when I look back on my tenure at McKesson.

Six Qualities that Correlate with Feelings of Confidence in Leaders

You are only a leader if people want to follow you. That is a somewhat loaded statement as incentives can encourage anyone to “want to follow you”. Just look at the current President of the United States. Politics aside, whether you are organizing a community or leading a Fortune 1000 company, there are certain qualities that individuals exist that give people confidence in their leaders. According to the National Leadership Index for 2009, they are:

  • Trust in what the leaders say
  • Competence to do the job
  • Working for the greater good of society
  • Share my values
  • Get good results
  • In touch with people’s needs and concerns

    Take these qualities and apply them to your leadership. I have run several people through my head mentally and find these traits to be accurate measures of what my gut reaction would be. For a couple, it’s “yes, they are solid”. For a few others “yes, they’re good, but I’m not quite sure.” Finally, for others I’m asking “who put this guy in charge” and they are failing in all of these traits.

    I hope people nod their head when they think of me and say “yes, Mike is solid”. I simply see these traits as black and white and, for the most part, things that cannot be learned.




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