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2011 Peachtree Road Race Report

This year marked my 6th year in the event, and I am happy to say that for a fun-run 10k I finished in under 1 hour! My training this year has absolutely been in the abyss. Much of that has to do with a double dose of strep throat early in the year (January and February) followed up with a couple of sinus infections in late March and again in May. This simply has not been my year.

I had hoped to have a better showing in the Peachtree, and had actually made a friendly wager with Andy Phillips at work for lunch to the winner. The tale of the tape was as follows:

BIB # Name Chip Time Overall Place Gender Group Age Group
11274 Mike Schubert 59:50 11891 8530 1189
12701 Andy Phillips 59:24 11369 8201 778

In all, it was a great day and a great race. Interestingly, Andy and I started from roughly the same spot among the 60,000 runners. We were right at the front of time group C – he as on the right side and I on the left. We never saw each other though.

With that said, my training is cranking back up. I don’t like to lose!

Also of note, I have moved to a new provider – WordPress. I am tired of keeping up with updates for my software, dealing with a hosting provider, and only having a limited number of templates (most of the WordPress imitators anyway) to choose from. So I bit the bullet and came over here to the land of dominance. We’ll see how it goes. The biggest benefit is that all of my posts dating back to 2004 are now reunited in one location.

Peachtree Road Race Photos

Photos from the 2006 Peachtree Road Race are available here. I think I’ll probably buy one, but am debating over which one to get. The photography was good – the subject matter (me) needed improvement. To my defense, it was really freakin’ hot and humid out there…

Today I had a traning run of over 17 miles. The temperature was in the low to mid 70’s and humidity was not a factor. Too bad July 4th weather wasn’t like this.

I am not sure what or where the next race will be. There is a triathlon coming up at Lake Lanier in October that I would like to do. I will complete my MBA 3 weeks from now after 2 solid years of full-time employment and full-time school attendance. After that I should have a lot more time to train!

ptree06.bmpAnother photo finish

Peachtree Road Race

It was a warm day for a 10K, but I turned in a time of 1 hour, 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Being in time group 2 was a real good deal. My gun time was 1 hour 10 minutes and 47 seconds. I’m not totally sure, but based on the tv replay we were finishing at roughly the same time the last of the 55,000 runners were just starting.
Hearbreak Hill??
I guess the my hill training paid off because heartbreak hill wasn’t much of a heartbreaker. We took water at the bottom and then spun all the way to the top, stopping for water again just past Deering. My friend Laura then asked “so where’s the big hill?” She was quite pleased to find out we had already tackled it.

Peachtree Road Race

We are just days away from the Peachtree Road Race. I have my number and am ready to go. If you are in need of a number, you might want to check out the Peachtree Road Race numbers for sale on eBay. I don’t condone the practice of the timegroup 1 and 2 numbers being sold, but don’t really see any harm in the the 3-9 range.
Good luck and look for me in time group 2! I’ll be the guy wearing the blue shirt and black shorts.

You Know It’s Spring in Atlanta When…

the applications for the running of the Peachtree Road Race come out in the Atlanta Journal. Mine is filled out and will soon be on its way to the PO Box. Hopefully it will be one of the first 45000 received!!
On a personal note, today would have been my father’s 74th birthday. I’m sure he’d roll over in his grave if he knew that I have lost 50 pounds and gotten into running and cycling like I have. Happy birthday dad, I miss you.