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Carrollton Sprint Triathlon Race Report

I raced my last triathlon as a 36 year old this past Sunday out in Carrollton, Ga. It was a low-key event, not even USAT sanctioned, that had somewhere around 250 participants. I’m sometimes weary of non-sanctioned events, but this one turned out to be a lot of fun. It was an interesting contrast to some of the higher profile races I have run. The day started out extremely eventful with my Xterra’s battery dying. I had to procure a car from a friend in order to get out to the race. This stress was quickly relieved once I had my bike racked and headphones on.

Swim 1/4 Mile

My swim was pretty good, turning in an 8:25 time. The start wave I was in was extremely crowded and it reminded me of the Ironman start where it’s like you are in a washing machine. Sighting on the course was easy and before I knew it I was done. 8 minutes go by pretty fast.

Bike 12 Miles (Map Below)

The bike course was rolling, with the first half containing a number of short inclines. I was able to stay aero most of the time and turned in a 36:06 split. I had slightly higher expectations when I hit mile 7 on what I think was Hwy 61 – immediately upon turning I was hit with a strong headwind that stayed in my face the next 4.5 miles. My wattage was steady as was my form, so I’m really happy with my performance on this leg despite the wind.

Run 3.4 Miles (Map Below)

The run started fairly innocuously with a gentle negative grade. Unfortunately, what goes down must come up, and a series of inclines began around mile 1. I was pretty steady just under a 9 minute pace the whole way, with only 1 walking incident at the water stop. The finish was uphill and I was challenged at the end by some guy who decided to sprint by me about 1/10 of a mile from the line. I accelerated a bit too soon, allowing him to respond and barely beat me to the line. Oh well – I’m not a sprinter. My run split was 30:04. Below is a picture of me at the line – you can tell I was after this guy since both of my feet are off the ground.

Overall time was 1 hour 19 minutes. T1 was probably 3:30 including the run up to transition. I can’t imagine T2 being over a minute. I met or beat all of my objectives. Next up – tri bike shopping. I have narrowed it down to 2, so it’s just a matter of taking them both for a ride for the final decision. The funds have been set aside and my personal goals have been met. Time to “put the bow” on it and bring it home!

2010 Carrolton Tri Photo Finish

Update: Here are the course maps for the bike and run course.

2010 Carrolton Triathlon Course Maps


Spring Training 2010

Pre-ride 3-31-2010
Originally uploaded by Iron Mike Schubert

Baseball players have wound down Spring training and the regular season has begun. Atlanta has completely skipped Spring and gone from high temperatures one week in the 40’s to last week in the 80’s. I decided it was time to take some time off from work for a little Spring training of my own.

3/31 – 43 mile bike ride through Suwanee, Buford, Flowery Branch and Sugar Hill. High temp on the bike was right at 80 degrees.

4/1 – 5.75 mile run at lunch (I worked today). Again – the weather was perfect. This is evidently the start of heat training for the season so my run struggled a bit. I expect this to change quickly.

4/2 – Rest day. If anyone ever posts a week’s worth of workouts and you don’t see a rest day, you need to question them. You get stronger via recovery from the activity, not from actually doing the activity. I worked today, too.

4/3 – 6.7 miles run. This was an easy out and back on the greenway. Not a lot of elevation change. Right at the end I had to gun it to get around some annoying Team In Training people. Once again, they were occupying the entire 12 foot stretch of concrete with just a few people. They said “sorry” as I passed them on the right – meaning they knew they were in the wrong. Unfortunately, they continued to be in the wrong even after I passed them.

4/4 – Ride: 15.5 miles. Originally I planned this to be a swim as I thought it was the last day of the Tri2Remember Swim Clinic. Evidentally, it wasn’t due to the Easter holiday. I have missed the prior two practices due to the ING Marathon one Sunday and dealing with my mom’s estate the other Sunday. 

4/5 – Stott pilates. It’s nice to work out with athletes. There is a common respect there – especially when they give you a workout that absolutely kicks your ass. That was the way today went. Imagine 1 hour of core work where the goal is to find all of your different breaking points and make them stronger. That’s how it went. At the end, the instructor said she admired my ability to swim / bike / run for hours on end – she could do pilates for hours, but no way could bike or run for that long. And to be honest, an hour of Stott was all I could take. Mutual admiration isn’t a bad thing.

4/6 – Long run. >10 miles. I wanted to go longer than that today, but it simply wasn’t in the cards. As I mentioned earlier, it’s heating up in Atlanta – they high today was around 88. So the heat training has kicked in earlier than planned. That’s not a bad thing. I just ran 26.2 a couple of weeks back, so I’m not worried about the distance. I’ll get in a 15 miler this weekend and a bunch of maintenance runs as well so I should be all set for 26.2 again in 2.5 weeks.

And thus Spring Training for me has ended. I feel better and stronger today than when I started 1 week ago. The base fitness has been awakened and proven. I am working on the 3rd solid week of logging EVERYTHING that goes in my mouth and my workouts. All that combined and I FEEL like an athlete again. That was the overarching goal of the past week and I met it with flying colors.

2010 Resolution Run 10K Race Report

The Chic-Fil-A Santa Cow
Originally uploaded by Iron Mike Schubert

Happy 2k10 to ya! This year has started off in much the same tradition as the past 5, with a 10k run at high noon.

This year’s Atlanta Track Club Resolution Run marked a major departure from years past. This used to be a low-key event where you registered only on race day, it was free to members ($5 to non-members) and maybe 400 people or so ran it. This year, pre-registration was mandatory, it was chip timed, and around 1700 people signed up between the 5k and 10k.

The temperature at

race start was somewhere between 35 and 40, with 10mph winds. It was very difficult to dress for this event. There were times I felt overdressed (no wind and in the sun) and times that I froze my ass off (shade and wind). I simply couldn’t win. In the end, I ran my best for the day and turned in a reasonable 56 minute time. That’s a full minute per mile slower than when I turned in a 49:xx time in 2008. Most importantly, I had a good time and started the new year off right.

Cycling Safety in the Offseason

The top of Fort Mountain
Originally uploaded by Iron Mike Schubert

For many of us in the United States, the weather is getting colder and the urge to ride our bikes outside is dying down. Of course, it’s not for me – but the rest of you people may be wimping out and that’s okay. This is a friendly reminder for those of you out there still riding to be extra vigilant as there are fewer riders out and motorists may not be as aware of our presence.

If you ride enough miles you will eventually encounter less than friendly motorists that do things to you. I’ve had people try to run me off the road, throw bottles at me, yell, etc. I’ve even had stupid people in their own front yard yell at me to get off the road – as if I didn’t know where they lived. What idiots.

One of my favorite stories came from the Athena Diaries this summer. Someone pulled a stunt on her while out riding, but evidently they were close to their final destination and she was able to note the address they pulled into. She wrote a friendly blog post titled Dear Pompous Idiot with this gem of a quote inside:

Oh, And thanks so much for pulling into your own driveway and screaming and swearing at us from your very own front yard. I checked on Google Street, and saw the same dark grey Volvo parked in your driveway, and now I know where you live. I’ll be sure and share that address on every cycling advocacy website that I know.

Just remember friends, you have as much right to the road as everyone else. Be smart, be predictable, and be safe.


2009 Run The Vineyards Race Report

Sunrise over vineyards at Chateau Elan
Originally uploaded by Iron Mike Schubert

October 10th marked the first annual running of the Run The Vineyard 5k. This race took place at the beautiful Chateau Elan resort in Braselton, Ga. It was a simple out and back course across the rolling hills of northeast Georgia.

The race was well organized and went off without a hitch – a great feat for a first effort. There were somewhere between 100-200 participants on an overcast day. The race profile is below and speaks for itself. A downhill start translates into an uphill finish. The course was relentless all the way through and provided a great test of fitness. My plan was to test run a mile somewhere between a 7 minute and a 7 1/2 minute pace. At mile one, I was 7:15 on the nose. Then an uphill came and I decided to back it down and take it easy the rest of the way.

The shirts were good quality and there was ample food and beverages at the finish line.


  • well organized
  • nice plaques for age group awards
  • good quality t-shirts


  • gathered by the pub for registration & awards. Smelled like stale beer
  • t-shirt didn’t have date or distance. And was purple w/ flowers. Like I can wear that!

Good race. Great venue. I recommend adding it to your 5k schedule next time this comes around.

Bonus Material: Elevation profile

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