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Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes…

It’s 2013, and while I am happy with who and where I am, there are things I want to change. That mentality itself is a huge departure for me. Traditionally I have been my own worst critic. This year I have fired that inner critic, and instead decided to focus each day on the habits and attitudes of the person that I want everyone to see from the outside.

Yesterday marked day 8 in a row of returning to my traditional training regimen. This time around, it’s for fitness and fun. I don’t have any huge events on the horizon to pressure me, although I will undoubtedly run the Publix Marathon this March. I have run that marathon every year they have held it and am in their “Streaker” category – I think that is a distinction I want to keep up in my home town race.

I have already been in the pool 4 times this year, and it’s only the 15th day of January! Yesterday I cranked out 2500 meters at the Cumming Aquatic Center. It’s a fantastic facility, and features a long course pool four months each year. I also signed up for Strava, which will serve as the public version of my training log for the foreseeable future. I’m still a fan of Training Peaks, and have paid accounts with both services. But TP is more for my planning and tracking, whereas Strava is for my accountability. You can follow me here -> Mike Schubert’s Strava. There is good and bad to using Strava, but in all I like the concept of competition outlined in the “How Strava is Changing…” article. I will give it a full review later against Training Peaks, Garmin Connect and Daily Mile.

Totals for the week:
Swim: 4000 meters / 3 days
Bike: 16.2 miles / 1 day
Run: 16.5 miles / 3 days

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Perfection is not always required

Trail Run, Anyone?

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I demand a level of performance out of myself beyond what most people expect. Except apparently my wife. But I digress. This isn’t always necessary though. Case in point, my Polar S720i heart rate monitor. One of its features is a barometric altimeter. This allows me to match up my heart rate changes to climbs and descents.

Forget the science behind it – just bear with me. It occassionally asks me for the current altitude and suggests what it thinks it is. Do I care my exact elevation?? No. All I care about is the relative change in elevation, which it does a good job of measuring. I want to know how much climbing I’m doing, not at what precise altitude am I at.

Don’t get me wrong, if I take it back out to Utah and tackle running in this scene, I’ll plug in the new altitude value to improve accuracy. But even there, if I plug in 4500 feet and I’m really at 4700 feet, it’s not that big of a deal. Perfection is not required. It’s close enough!!

For those of you thinking of buying this monitor and stumbling on my rant of perfection, I really do like it. I like the recording options (hr, altitude, temperature, and bike functions) and the resulting graphs. Because it’s a barometric altimeter, it gets fouled up when high pressure or low pressure moves through the area (ever hear the weather guy blather on about that?). In science terms, a lower altitude will experience greater pressure than higher altitudes. By measuring the changes in barometric pressure, this device figures out whether your climbing or descending. If a high pressure system moves in while you’re training, it will think you went downhill. It’s really not that big of a deal. I’ve used it for traning sessions as long as 5 hours and have gotten very reliable data. The device is great!!

For those of you wondering about today’s workouts, I was a busy beaver. The morning started off with a swim of an hour – 2300 yards. It was an easy day so there was greater recovery time and a variety of set lengths. I even threw in a couple of laps on the kick board to loosen up my ankles and work my calves.

For lunch I had a 4.75 mile run in 55 minutes and some change. Again, it was for recovery. The first 2.5 miles were in just under 25 minutes, the last 2.25 miles were 30 minutes.

And for dinner, it was time to kick it in martial arts class. It was day 3 for me training in the new studio and it’s starting to grow on me. 45 minutes total with roughly 15 minutes of cardio and stretching and 30 minutes of technique.

What a day!! On tap tomorrow?? For sure there will be 2 hours of spin starting at 5:15 a.m. Not sure beyond that. I might swim at lunch, might go to a sparring class at the do jang. We’ll see what the light of day brings!!

Training To Succeed

At the top of Fort Mountain

At the top of Fort Mountain

Originally uploaded by Mike.

I’ve heard people amazed with the hills on the 1/2 ironman course in Macon. Same at the Emerald Point Triathlon last year. At the same time, I read people listing favorite training places as being the Silver Comet Trail, spin class, or some greenway somewhere. Those places are fine – but at some point you need to get out on roads with some elevation change.
Here I am at the top of Fort Mountain after climbing roughly 2500 feet over 7 miles. It started at around mile 17. That’s roughly the amount of elevation change over the 56 mile 1/2 ironman course in Macon this weekend. We rode roughly another 25 miles after taking this picture.
Don’t get me wrong – my time wasn’t the fastest you’ve ever seen in Macon – but I felt great at the end of the ride! And that is the bike I rode, no time trial setup for me. Training days like the one pictured here are my secret. Now you know.

Training Ride Today

Brian's New Ride

Brian’s New Ride

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Today was a regular training ride. Just did 13 miles since it was raining and cold. Cold on its own is ok. Raining on its own is ok. But cold and raining sucks. To top it off, the greenway was covered in training groups. Large training groups. Filled with people who think that the 12 foot wide trail is there for them to fill. Come on people, don’t run more than 2 abreast. One chick said “I don’t like all these cyclists out here.” Listen lady, I’m hugging the side of the trail as it is. You’re FIVE ACROSS!!! What do you expect. There was almost a major wreck right here ’cause another cyclist was coming form behind them.
OK. I think my rant is over.
Last weekend was a training ride around Stone Mountain and then out and back to Clarkston and the area I grew up. It was a pretty good ride. Brian got to try out his new ride (the 2006 QR Kilo) and Laura saw some snow flakes while tooling around on her 2006 Giant OCR1. Our goals for 2007 are pretty ambitious, but I think that we can push each other to realize them.

Laura on her 2006 Giant OCR1 in Snowflake Lane

Laura on her 2006 Giant OCR1 in Snowflake Lane

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I Must Be Having a Fantastic Off-Season

Find yourself petting your bike and glancing at your running shoes. These are all signs that you had a good off-season.

Yep, that about sums it up for me.
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