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A December to Forget

This month hasn’t been the worst ever, but it has been trying. I came down with the flu-like-crud on December 1st. This rendered my attempts to train futile. I think I’ve logged a single, solitary run this month. It took 3 weeks to recover. I had hoped that during this time my shoulder would recover. I injured it back at the end of October, and I’m not really sure HOW. Sadly it did not improve.

I went to the doctor today and the good news is that the x-rays and examination did not prove to be remarkable. The bad news is that it still hurts!  The doc gave me a cortisone shot along with prescriptions for an anti-inflammatory and physical therapy. I start the medication today and will go to PT on Monday. Hopefully this course of action will yield results where my previous plan of limiting use did not.  My next IM is not that far out in the future!

Lake Lanier Islands Triathlon 2014

Sunday, September 28th was the 10th annual Lake Lanier Islands Triathlon. It’s been eight years since I last ran this race. I dug out my Emerald Point Triathlon Race Recap after the fact to see how I did and how much I have evolved (or devolved!). In short, I’m eight years older and roughly 10 minutes faster.

Not much has changed at this venue since my last visit:

  1. Participants are now required to check their bike in the day before. Kind of a pain, but with 1000 folks at a small venue, it’s really a necessity.
  2. Body marking is gone. I guess this has been phased out over the past couple of years, but this was my first in a couple of years, so I was a bit surprised to see those temporary tattoos.  They are a real pain to remove too – baby oil is definitely required.
  3. The resort has created a marina in the area that was once the swim exit.  The huge climb up to transition is still there, but now you have to run across a long pier begin that climb.


I felt really good on the swim. It’s been awhile since I raced in open water. I felt like I sighted really well the whole way and kept an even stroke. Once I turned right at the first buoy, the field opened up a bit and I was able to swim my swim. My split was a bit disappointing because the chip time stopped at the mat in the transition area. It included the run across the pier and up the hill. Of course I took it easy here to avoid getting my heart rate up. I would’ve gone harder had I realized that was still part of my swim time. There was a mat at the swim exit, but I think that was just checking us in to the race.

Course and elevation profile of the Lake Lanier Islands triathlon.

Lake Lanier Islands Triathlon bike course


Regardless of what the literature says about flatness with only 1 real climb, the course is hilly.  You’re in North Georgia. It’s going to be hilly.  I executed the bike course really well, with an IF of 1.05.  Any more than that would’ve screwed my run, and even that may have negatively impacted my run a tiny bit.  My Garmin 705 had issues with the distance, registering a total of only 9.6 miles instead of the 12.5 – 13 that the course really is. Not sure what went wrong there. At least I have my power numbers – that is the most important part.


Lake Lanier Islands run course

Lake Lanier Islands run course


I had a pretty easy time finding my pace and getting out on the run course. Like the bike, there were a bunch of hills to deal with on this course, but only 1 of them was really of any significance that began in the second mile and was about 1/2 mile long.  I walked the hills which I think may be a result of cooking the legs a little too much on the bike. Or may just have been mental. Who really knows?  Once I hit mile 2 I was moving the whole way and passed a couple of folks in my a/g.  The finisher chute had started to deflate, but some kind folks were holding it up as I crossed the mat.  1 hour, 27 minutes.  Not too shabby for being older and not training nearly as much as I used to!


My transitions went really well. I had staged things well, and have Yankz on my running shoes. I could probably shave a minute off of each. It has been awhile since my last sprint tri, so I will just be content with it as is.

In summary, it was a great day. I had a lot of fun not only racing, but also in training the 8-10 weeks leading up to this event.

Quietly Getting My Workouts In

Things have been pretty quiet here on the website. The fact is that I’m quietly getting my workouts in during the week. I did re-injure my hamstring a couple of weekends ago, but bounced back after a couple of days of rest. Time has been logged in the pool, on the bike, and running the streets of both Atlanta and San Francisco. So far I’m on track for my return to form in time for the Publix Georgia Marathon.

Things that are on tap to continue my Ironman preparation include:

  • Returning to the pilates studio to work on increasing flexibility
  • Spending more time in the pool. At least visiting once a week.
  • Continuing to gradually build my run mileage. My long run is 10 miles right now.
  • Sneaking in a round of golf.  Just being honest here.

Ok, enough talk. Time to go train.

Race Weekend Coming Up!

Here are my pertinent details:

648   SCHUBERT        MICHAEL         M 35-39   7     SILVER       7:54

My coach has me well prepared. I have my mental game plan laid out and in general know where I am going. Now I just need the weather to be nice. This weekend is not a defining moment, it’s just a benchmark. A ‘B’ race. A training race. I will post a race report on Monday.


Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes

Laying out my Transition Bags and Gear
Originally uploaded by Iron Mike Schubert

Lack of change is certainly not my problem these days. Every day is almost as different as it is the same. I’m walking around with open eyes, an open heart, and asking myself “Self, what do YOU want to do today?”

Last Tuesday, I brought my new bike home. It’s the Scott Plasma I talked about a couple of weeks ago. It’s a dream to ride. For its maiden voyage I rode with a new friend, who also had recently acquired a new road bike, out at Stone Mountain Park. Something just seemed right about this particular ride around the rock I grew up so close to.

Tonight, I’m headed to a “Grind” class. I’ve been told it’s unlike any “spin” class I have ever taken. I’m looking to hire a coach and these Tuesday / Thursday classes might just put this group over the edge. The classes are periodized and executed on your own bike. That means I get to use my power meter during a spin class! They also have an indoor “Current” pool that is like swimming in the ocean. They have “Grind Bricks” which allow you to do a swim before class or a run immediately after. I’m really pumped about the possibilities this change will bring.

So I have my bags laid out before me, ready to be packed for the adventure. My gear is clean and lubricated (where necessary). My mind and body are clear and primed.

I am ready for a change.